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Rockaway Records also buy and trade Vinyl, CDs, Music Collectables, Pop Culture Collectables and Funko.

Selling your Vinyl Records and Cds

We are one of Brisbane's leading buyers of vinyl records and cds.  Rockaway have been buying, selling and trading vinyl records and cds for over 32 years. 
Our buyers have years of experience and we pride ourselves on our fair pricing and transparency. 

We look at condition, quality, rarity and of course our markets desirability. 
In general we do NOT take Classical, Country and Easy Listening titles. But if you are unsure if you have items we are interested in please just call us on (07) 33954707 and chat with our super friendly and knowlegable crew.

If your collection is a little heavy you are welcome to borrow a trolley from one of the major stores and bring your vinyl in to us at Rockaway. We will make you an offer and if both parties are happy we can do a deal. Remember to bring ID with you and customers must be over 18 to trade with us or you can bring a parent/guardian. 

Selling your music and pop culture collectables

Beatles vintage toy guitars, Elvis collectors cards from 1978, Star Wars and Marvel retro figurines... At Rockaway Records you are sure to find something unique. 
If you are looking to sell or trade your collectable items we would love to discuss them with you. We love anything related to music or pop culture that would be sought after by collectors.
Just some of the items we are interested in....
-Band and Artist Memorabillia especially Beatles, Pink Floyd, KISS, Rolling Stones and more
-Cult pop culture items from series such as Simpsons, Flintstones, Astro Boy, Ratfink, Doctor Who,  Masters of teh universe and TMNT
-Collectable cards for Pokemon
-Star Wars figurines from 70s, 80s and 90s

Selling your Funko Pop! Vinyl

Yes we do buy pre-owned Funko pop! vinyl. If you are looking to lighten your collection, sell in bulk or trade for different pop!s, we are happy to discuss. 
We only buy Funko still in box and in good condition. 

If you would like to know more about our process you can call us on (07) 3395 4707 or altenately email 

In your email please include as much info as possible about your collection (genres, condition, photos if possible) so we can assist you.