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Rockaway Records Australia has been buying and selling vinyl records, CDs and collectables for over 32 years. 
Our bricks and mortar is located in Carindale, Brisbane or you can shop online for quality vinyl records, pop culture merchandise and collectables as we ship worldwide.
We stock Pop, Rock, Soul, Alternative, House, Electronic,  Jazz, Sound Tracks, Country, Reggae, Blues and more. With thousands of vinyl records and CDs to browse, there is something for everyone. 

Husband and wife team, Scott and Glenyce, have taken a true love and sincere appreciation of music and created a base for like minded individuals to gather, discuss and acquire.
The dynamic duo set up the store as a brother business to the iconic 45 year old Rockaway Records Los Angeles, owned by Scott's brothers.

The pair felt an allure to keep Rockaway independent and focus on consumer experience over corporate structure.

In 1992, Rockaway Records Australia was realised.

Rockaway Records is more than a record store. It's an extensive collection of hopes and dreams, it's an audio experience. It is the go-to for sophisticated listeners and newbies alike.

The crew here loves to talk music, scotch and Star Wars. Everyone is welcome, no musical palate is too abstract. 

It is a 32 year old, vinyl loving institution and with racks of new and used vinyl, music memorabilia, collectables and pop culture, Rockaway is like an intravenous hit of nostalgia. From first pressings of AC/DC and Bob Dylan to 60s Beatles dolls, there is something in every nook and cranny, just waiting to be discovered.

Rockaway Records sell, buy and trade vinyl, CDs and collectables.

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Owners, Scott and Glenyce

The store today, Carindale

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Scott and Glenyce
Y'all know him as the man in the hat. Scott created Rockaway Records with Glenyce over 30 years ago and he is the man in the know when it comes to cool and rare finds.
When Scott isnt being driven crazy by the team, he can be found listening to Led Zeppelin and soaking in the pool. Famous lines include "I'll let you fix that for me" and "Someone get that phone"

As co-founder of Rockaway with Scott, Glenyce is the much loved back-bone of the business. When she is not busy with customer orders you will find her listening to country music and spending time with family.

Letting her near your record player will ensure a steady stream of alternative indie bands take over your living room. Surviving on coffee and sarcasm, Owena can be found on the computer or playing with the transformers.

Consistently called on to fix office printers, Ryan is also super good at getting a plethora of new and used vinyl into the racks for your digging pleasure. If you are happy to talk Prince and Star Wars then you are gonna get along just fine.  

82% Artist and 36% Mathematician, Ethan is always ready to help you out with a smile and chat.  Take some Jazz, mix in a little Disco Funk Fusion and smother it all in liquid film noir and you have Ethan. 

Tyrone comes to us with a love for Kendrick Lamar and sushi! Always smiling, with a killer sense of humour... Most used quote "Clean up on aisle five'

The newest recruit. Brett is crazy friendly and always ready to chat about anything 90s. From TMNT to Nirvana, the dude with the green hair knows his facts.

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