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Posted by Rockaway Records on 14th May 2024

AC/DC, the legendary rock band hailing from Australia, marks their 50th anniversary this year. Since their formation in 1973, AC/DC has become a global icon of rock music, known for their electrifying performances, hard-hitting riffs, and timeless anthems. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s take a journey through the band's history, uncover some fun facts, highlight their top albums, and reflect on their indelible impact on the Australian musi… Read more

Posted by Rockaway Records on 30th Apr 2024

Whether new or old, every record needs a bit of care to keep it free from crackles, pops, and scratches. Caring for your records will also prolong the life of your stylus. Physical media — especially vinyl — will flourish with a little love and care. Here, we outline a few ways to keep your vinyl well maintained.Preparing to playThere are a range of vacuum and washer record cleaners available. For today we are assuming you are clea… Read more
In the constantly evolving world of music, the humble Compact Disc (CD) is making a surprising comeback. Once thought to be lost in the shadows of digital streaming and vinyl revival, CDs have resurfaced, offering music enthusiasts a blend of nostalgic appeal, high-quality sound, and collectible value. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind this resurgence and spotlight a few CDs that have become collectors' treasures. The Re… Read more

Posted by Rockaway Records on 23rd Apr 2024

Mother’s Day, coming up on Sunday, May 12th 2024 is a time when flowers flood the counters and chocolates disappear faster than your latest Netflix binge. But this year, let’s tune into a different beat. Whether your Mum (Aunt, Nanna, Carer, Step Mum)  is a relentless rock'n'roller or a smooth jazz enthusiast, it’s time to think outside the gift box and spin the Mother’s Day classics to a new track.Before we dive in, imagine this; a day… Read more

Posted by Rockaway Records on 8th Apr 2024

As an eco friendly store and vinyl record lovers, we understand the unique position of vinyl in the world of music and the environment. Vinyl records, cherished for their rich sound and nostalgic feel, unfortunately, cannot be recycled in the traditional sense. But don't despair! The potential for upcycling these treasures is as vast as the variety of music they once played. Here's how we can hit a high note with sustainability, while also tun… Read more