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Posted by Rockaway Records on 28th Oct 2023

It's our most favourite time of the year!! (Well apart from Record Store Day of course!)Rockaway Records are making gift giving (and receiving) even easier with our online Wishlist.Creating a wishlist for Christmas is a thoughtful and practical way to enhance the holiday gift-giving experience. By curating a list of desired items, you provide friends and family with valuable insights into your preferences and tastes. This not only en… Read more

Posted by Rockaway Records on 15th Oct 2023

Whether new or old, every record needs a bit of care to keep it free from crackles, pops, and scratches. Caring for your records will also prolong the life of your stylus. Physical media — especially vinyl — will flourish with a little love and care. Here, we outline a few ways to keep your vinyl well maintained.Preparing to playThere are a range of vacuum and washer record cleaners available. For today we are assuming you are clea… Read more
So you have just paid $89.99 for a brand new, sealed vinyl record. You remove it from the clear plastic packaging and take in that new vinyl smell while placing it on the platter, only to hear occasional tracks slipping or skipping. What on earth could be wrong? There a few things that may be the cause of new vinyl not sounding the way it should. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why inexpensive turntables among other issue… Read more