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WHEN:  Saturday April 20, 2024 (Doors open at 8am)

HOW: Line-up at Rockaway Records from 5.30am (feel free to bring a fold up chair or cushion)
The Rockaway Crew will come down the line and add your name next to the album you are chasing. This way it's truly first in-best dressed. 
Once our doors open you can take your time and browse the store knowing your selections are ready for collection at the counter.

DEALS: Apart from the chance to pick up limited edition vinyl records, Rockaway Records will also have some sweet sales on the day.
-The first 30 people in-line will score our Rockaway Records RSD goody bag! 
-All $9.99 vinyl will be reduced to $1 each
-Any RSD stock from 2023 and prior years will have a further 20% OFF already reduced prices!!

PARKING: The best spots to park will be the food court near Cinemas (P17 Lime Green car park Level 1, via Carindale St southbound) or Woolworths (P15 Aqua car park, via Creek Rd overpass North bound to Aqua Car Park, Level 1) Both of these entrances only will be open from 5.30am

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More about the history of Record Store Day

Record Store Day is an annual celebration of music and the culture surrounding it. Every year, on the third Saturday in April, people around the world come together to celebrate the special day.

It's a day to celebrate and recognize the unique culture of independent record stores, and their contribution to the music industry.  
Record Store Day began in 2007, when a group of independent record store owners and employees got together to create a special day to celebrate their stores and the music they sold. The idea was to bring music lovers together to celebrate the physical medium of music, and the culture that surrounds it.  

Each year on Record Store Day, independent record stores around the world open their doors and offer special releases, exclusive items, live performances, and other events. Many of these stores also offer discounts on merchandise, to encourage people to come out and support their local record stores.  
The event has grown in popularity over the years, and has become a global phenomenon.

People from all walks of life come out to their local record stores and celebrate music and the culture that goes along with it. It's a day to pay homage to the independent, local record stores that have been around for decades, and to celebrate the music they sell. 

After a long career in the music industry we have decided to announce that… we are going to continue to have a long career in the music industry (sorry for any inconvenience). 

Our first order of business as a freshly independent Paramore is to shine a light on independent record stores— a vital part of our journey from music obsessed school friends to professional music makers.  With that being said, we are humbled to be your Ambassadors for Record Store Day 2024. The timing feels kismet. 

The discovery of music was always meant to be romantic. Indie record shops are some of the only spaces we’ve got that offer a tangible, tactile experience of music discovery. 
In this world that feels more disconnected and hostile than ever, it feels important to remain in touch (literally) with what inspires us, empowers us, or simply brings us joy. 
Thankfully, for all our sakes, there still survives among the chaos, the purity and radical simplicity of a great record store.