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The Colourful Evolution of Vinyl: A Journey Through Time

The Colourful Evolution of Vinyl: A Journey Through Time

Posted by Rockaway Records on 1st May 2024

Howdy Rockers!
Let's talk pretty colours. While the classic black vinyl has its charm, coloured vinyl has added a new dimension to the vinyl collecting experience. Let’s delve into the vibrant history of coloured vinyl, its impact on music culture, and highlight five standout coloured vinyl albums available at Rockaway Records.

A Brief History of Coloured Vinyl
The concept of coloured vinyl isn't new; it dates back to the early 1900s. Initially, different colours were used to differentiate between various music genres or special editions. During the 1940s and 1950s, children's records were often pressed on coloured vinyl to make them more appealing. It wasn’t until the 1970s, however, that coloured vinyl began to be used extensively for promotional purposes and special releases, becoming a collector's delight.

Coloured vinyl records gained popularity for their aesthetic appeal, adding a visual element to the listening experience. Artists and record labels began to experiment with a variety of hues, patterns, and even picture discs, transforming vinyl records into works of art.

The Science Behind the Colour 
Coloured vinyl records are made by adding dye to the vinyl pellets during the manufacturing process. The dyes can create a wide range of colours, and even translucent or marbled effects. While some purists argue that coloured vinyl can sometimes compromise audio quality due to the dyes and manufacturing variations, many modern coloured vinyl records are produced with high-quality standards, ensuring excellent sound reproduction.

Notable Coloured Vinyl Releases at Rockaway Records
Here are five notable coloured vinyl albums available at Rockaway Records, each offering a unique listening and visual experience:

Kooks - Let's Go Sunshine 2LP White Coloured Vinyl

The Kooks' fifth studio album, Let's Go Sunshine, is pressed on stunning white coloured vinyl, offering a fresh and vibrant look. Released in 2018, this double LP includes a digital download code and comes in a gatefold sleeve. The album features a mix of upbeat and introspective tracks, showcasing the band's signature indie rock sound.

Metallica - ...And Justice For All Dyers Green Coloured Vinyl 2LP

This limited edition release of Metallica’s fourth studio album is pressed on striking Dyers Green vinyl. Known for its complex song structures and dark themes, ...And Justice For All is a pivotal album in Metallica’s discography, featuring classics like “One” and “Blackened” (Rockaway Records Australia). 

U2 - Gloria Transparent Yellow Coloured 12" Single Vinyl

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the U2 single ''Gloria,'' originally released in October 1981 as the second single from their second studio album, October. It has remained a staple in U2's live set ever since.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love 2LP Indie Exclusive Blue Vinyl

Unlimited Love, featuring the hit Black Summer, is the 12th studio album from the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a release five years in the making - marking the return of prodigal guitarist John Frusciante, and long-time collaborator Rick Rubin. Pressed on a blue vinyl that conjures up Summer days and hipster charm.

The appeal of coloured vinyl shows no signs of waning. We only have to look at Taylor Swift's marketing tactics to see proof that coloured vinyl is hotter than ever.
As technology advances, we can expect even more innovative designs and higher quality pressings. Artists are already doing some interesting things with their additives to vinyl. Two that come to mind are Alice In Chains 'Jar of Flies' which included dead flies in each pressing and Sleep's 'Dope Smoker' pressed with cannabis leaves by Third Man Records.  

The tactile and visual aspects of vinyl records, combined with their ample sound quality, ensure that they will remain cherished collectables for years to come.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of vinyl, the allure of coloured records adds an exciting dimension to music appreciation. Each coloured vinyl tells a story not just through its music, but through its unique appearance, making it a tangible piece of music history.

At Rockaway Records, we celebrate the diversity and creativity of coloured vinyl, offering a wide range of titles that appeal to collectors and music lovers alike.
Explore our collection and find your next favourite album, pressed in vibrant hues that bring the music to life.