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Share your WISHLIST with friends and family!

Share your WISHLIST with friends and family!

Posted by Rockaway Records on 28th Oct 2023

It's our most favourite time of the year!! (Well apart from Record Store Day of course!)

Rockaway Records are making gift giving (and receiving) even easier with our online Wishlist.

Creating a wishlist for Christmas is a thoughtful and practical way to enhance the holiday gift-giving experience. By curating a list of desired items, you provide friends and family with valuable insights into your preferences and tastes. 

This not only ensures that the gifts received align with your interests but also saves your loved ones from the guesswork associated with holiday shopping. 

A wishlist streamlines the process for both gift-givers and recipients, promoting efficiency and reducing the likelihood of receiving items that may not be appreciated or needed. Additionally, it fosters a sense of connection, as your loved ones can choose gifts that resonate with your desires and bring genuine joy. 

Ultimately, a wishlist transforms the act of giving into a more meaningful exchange, emphasising thoughtfulness and consideration during the festive season.

Now you can create an online wishlist and share the link with your family and friends ensuring everyone knows which music or pop culture items really float your boat :) 

You can add any items that are available on our website and they can then be purchased in-store or online directly. 


To create wish lists, you must first login or create an account. Once signed in, you can follow the below steps to create a new wish list from the account area. There is no limit to the number of wish lists a customer can create.

1. Click Account. This link is located in the top menu of the store.

2. Click Wish Lists, then click the New Wish List button.

3. Enter a Name for your wish list (eg: Kevin's Christmas Wishes) If you would like to share your wish list with a link, check Share Wishlist?.

4. To add products to your wish lists, start by navigating to any product page.  Click the Add to Wish List button. (this button has a heart icon)

5. Ready to share your list? Click on Account or your name in the top menu and scroll down to select Wish List. Then simply click SHARE, copy the list and SMS or email it to your friends and family!