• Star Wars : Fact File Binders (Magazine/Comic book) SECOND HAND
The Official Star Wars Fact File was a series of magazines published weekly by De Agostini from 2002 to 2005, consisting of 140 issues in total. It was an archive of documents collated from all aspects of the Star Wars saga, including information from the films (excluding Revenge of the Sith), various novels, comics, video games, and the New Jedi Order. It also provided some all-new illustrations. To date, it is the most comprehensive published record of the Star Wars galaxy in existence.

The series was organised into six major categories:

- Battles and Events
- Characters
- Planets and Locations
- Droids
- Weapons and Technology
- Vehicles
(Bonus Galaxy Map)

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Star Wars : Fact File Binders (Magazine/Comic book) SECOND HAND

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