1994 Australia, Sony Music. As part of Pearl Jam's 1994 release of 'Vitalogy' in Oz, the South Australian branch of Sony Music commissioned the making of only two surfboards (Genesis brand) with the Pearl Jam and Vitalogy logos. Incredibly, Pearl Jam gave this the all clear (they were notorious for not allowing their name to be attached to marketing like this). One was given away as a 'Money Can't Buy' prize on SA FM and the other was given to Don Foster of SA FM as a thank you for supporting the band. The board for sale here is the latter, as acquired from Don himself. Board has small pressure cracks in rear and is in used condition. Has been de-waxed and looks great (bottom as well) Comes with generic surfboard bag
Genre POP - ROCK - ALT

Pearl Jam : Surfboard: Vitalogy Promo (Memorabilia) SECOND HAND

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