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Taylor Swift Vinyl Record Store Day

Taylor Swift Vinyl Record Store Day

Posted by Rockaway Records on 22nd Apr 2022

OK Guys, 

We are going to call it. 

We are expecting some more RSD stock to arrive today.... but we are now not expecting to receive any further copies of the much coveted Tayor Swift 7'' RSD vinyl. 
It is not normal procedure for us to ever reveal stock numbers to y'all, but we are feeling that to manage expectations we need to let everyone know that we have received just one copy of Tay Tay. 

Now before we get into how you can get your hands on it, we just want to give a shout out to the crew over at Record Store Day Australia who have been working so hard to get all the amazing limited releases for this years event out to the indie stores.  Also to the pressing plants who are absolutely run of their feet keeping up with general demands, let alone the RSD stock. 
Record Store Day is all about celebrating vinyl and indie record stores, and we are super thankful to everyone involved in the process of making that happen. 

Now, you have a few options.... You can try and be the first one to arrive and bag the one single copy we have OR you can try your luck online from 9am Monday, April 25.

Either way, I'm gonna throw some facts at you..... 

Waiting in the Rockaway RSD line is ALWAYS awesome, no matter what. We have goodie bags for the first 30 peeps in line and we will turn the music up nice and loud. 
Around 7am we start heading down the line and taking down 2 preferences for everyone to ensure that those who have arrived early get first in, best dressed choice. 

When we open the doors you can spend your time digging around in the RSD releases as well as the plethora of new and used vinyl in-store. (PLUS.. the CD fair is starting at 10am) 

PLUS PLUS: If you make any vinyl related purchase (records, cleaner, storage etc) between 8.30am and 11am you will go in the draw to win a $250 vintage vinyl voucher and vinyl cleaning kit. 

So, no matter what awesome Brisbane record stores you will visit tomorrow, just remember the spirit of the day is to share in our collective love for music and records. 

We honestly can't wait to see y'all. 

HOW TO GET HERE: Westfield Carindale have agreed to open 2 doors from 5.30am. You can enter via Level 1 Cinema/Food Court or Woolies and then head to Rockaway.