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Posted by Rockaway Records on 2nd Jun 2022

It's almost time for the 2nd RSD drop and we are here to answer any burning questions you may have... Read on for RSD FAQsWHY ARE THERE TWO DROPS?Traditionally Record Store day was held over one day each year in April. This world wide event evolved during Covid due to changes in vinyl availability and shipping along with the huge resurgence in the format. The record pressing plants were and are overrun with orders and there have been massive… Read more

Posted by Rockaway Records on 22nd Apr 2022

OK Guys, We are going to call it. We are expecting some more RSD stock to arrive today.... but we are now not expecting to receive any further copies of the much coveted Tayor Swift 7'' RSD vinyl. It is not normal procedure for us to ever reveal stock numbers to y'all, but we are feeling that to manage expectations we need to let everyone know that we have received just one copy of Tay Tay. Now before we get into how you can g… Read more